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Monuments of Freedom                                 
Travel through history and across the United States visiting iconic monuments and memorials. Through hands-on, project based learning, students will be immersed in these wonders, becoming actual  architects and engineers as they build replicas of the monuments! Through an examination of the American monuments, students will develop an appreciation and recognition of American history's greatest people and principles. In-class activities will serve as  a springboard for further discovery and exploration of the United States, its history and culture. Throughout the semester we will focus on a different “Monuments of Freedom." This class enhances, and does not duplicate, material presented in US History.

Week of April 27 (Week 12)

Mrs. Chiappe's Instruction Video

Washington Monument



Week of April 20 (Week 11)

Mrs. Chiappe's Instruction Video

War Memorials

Week of April 13 (Week 10)

Mrs. Chiappe's Instruction Video

Sacrifice for Freedom: Tomb of the Unknowns


Week of April 6 (Week 9)

Mrs. Chiappe's Instruction Video

Protection of Freedom: Supreme Court

Building Ideas

Week of March 30 (Week 8)

Mrs. Chiappe's Instruction Video

Protection of Freedom: US Capitol


The capitol rotunda

Capitol Hill Growth

Week of March 23 (Week 7) 

Mrs. Chiappe's Instructional Video: 

Protection of Freedom: White House

Extra videos

Mt Rushmore Song

What's Inside the White House

White House Tour

Surprising Secrets of the White House

10 Crazy Security Features of the White House

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