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Hip Hop Civics: Hamilton, An American Musical
The smash-hit musical "Hamilton" has ignited students' interest in history, creating a ready-made opportunity for teachers. The Broadway musical tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, the "Ten dollar founding father without a father,” in rap and hip-hop songs. This class capitalizes on students' interest in pop culture by using the show as a teaching tool—in terms of learning about history, language arts, and diversity in pop culture. WARNING: The uncensored Hamilton Broadway soundtrack contains mature language. Every effort will be made to assure that all classroom material will be censored. Additionally, the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life includes mature themes, such as illigitmacy and infidelity. 


Week of April 6 - May 1 (Weeks 9 - 12)

Lessons will be emailed. 

Week of March 30 (Week 8)

Act II

I am having a hard time posting my lesson online, therefore I will email it directly to you Sunday evening.

Blessings, Mrs. Chiappe

Week of March 23 (Week 7) 

The end of Act I

Mrs. Chiappe's Instructional Video:

Extra videos

Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show with Lin-Manuel Miranda

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