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Mrs. Chiappe's Enrichment Classes (semester courses)

Founding Documents

Students study the documents that are the basis of the American experience, beginning with the Magna Carta & Mayflower Compact.  Particular emphasis is given to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Mock Trial

Mock trials have proven to be an effective learning tool for students of all grade levels. It helps them understand the law, practice critical thinking, and gain greater confidence with public speaking by assuming the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a fictional criminal or civil trial. Students experience first-hand the difficulties that judges, lawyers and juries face in determining which facts are relevant and what legal arguments are effective. This class will be taught by Mrs. Chiappe, a former practicing California Attorney.

History of World Religions

Students will study world history through an examination of the development of various regional religions, such as Christianity in Europe, Islam in the Arab World, Buddhism in Asia, and worship of the Sun god with human sacrifices in Meso-America.

Constitutional Debate

Students will review, debate and ultimately decide actual court cases based on the first eight amendments to the Constitution. Students will sharpen their critical thinking skills and their legal and historical knowledge as they analyze the amendments, discover their origins, and rule on actual cases presented before the U.S. Supreme Court. Cases will be analyzed, not only from a Constitutional perspective but also from an ethical world view. This class will be taught by Mrs. Chiappe, a former practicing California Attorney.

Criminal Law

Students will examine parties to crimes, elements of various crimes, and punishment of crimes. Case studies and hypothetical situations will be examined and debated.  This class is taught by Mrs. Chiappe, a former practicing California Attorney.

STEM - Student Engineering

STEM Student Engineering is a blended learning environment where Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are applied by students to everyday life. STEM teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real world applications of problem solving. Through hands on activities, the students work individually and collaboratively as engineers. Engineering involves the application of creativity in partnership with other disciplines to search for quicker, better and less expensive ways to use the forces and materials of nature to meet today's challenges. The STEM Student Engineers are problem solvers who use various resources to bring into existence things and ideas that they imagine.

Young Entrepreneurs

Young Entrepreneurs enables students to learn first-hand about the risks and rewards of operating a small business. Students examine the definition of entrepreneurship and small business, while providing an overview of the past and present small business environment. Students will explore considerations involved with turning an idea into a business: identifying a passion or hobby that can provide a product or service, researching the market, and weighing the risks of starting a small business. Lastly, students study the nuts and bolts of starting a business: writing a business plan, obtaining funding, and learning about the agencies businesses interact with to become a legitimate entity.

Speech & Debate

This course explores concepts in public speaking, critical thinking, argument and debate. Students will study different styles of speeches, learn rhetorical strategies and practice the art of debate. A major focus of the class will be the elements of rhetoric as it pertains to information, persuasion and debate. The students will give several speeches to classmates. Various styles of speech will be studied, including: persuasion, impromptu, extemporaneous, and debate.

American Cinema 

In this course students will participate in a survey of classic American cinema, from a historical and cultural perspective. The student will be exposed to various movie clips, such as Charlie Chaplin, 2001 Space Odyssey, and  Gone with the Wind while discovering the films cultural context. Students will also explore the influence of media on the American experience and the importance of understanding  worldview portrayed in cinema

Monuments of Freedom                                 
Travel through history and across the United States visiting iconic monuments and memorials. Through hands-on, project based learning, students will be immersed in these wonders, becoming actual  architects and engineers as they build replicas of the monuments! Through an examination of the American monuments, students will develop an appreciation and recognition of American history's greatest people and principles. In-class activities will serve as  a springboard for further discovery and exploration of the United States, its history and culture. Throughout the semester we will focus on a different “Monuments of Freedom." This class enhances, and does not duplicate, material presented in US History.


Yearbook: Foothill Learning Academy 

In this course students gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles.  Collaboratively, the students will produce a creative, innovative yearbook recording Foothill Learning Academy memories and events. Students learn page design, publishing techniques, copywriting, and editing. A laptop computer is required for this class.


Leadership & Service: FLA Student Government

Through a series of guided interaction and group exercises, students will explore the principles of leadership and learn to develop individual and group leadership skills to impact their lives and their communities. Content areas include decision-making, goal setting, effective communication, servant leadership, organization and time management skills, and concrete strategies to implement change. Additionally, by planning FLA events and activities, this class gives the homeschool student the unique opportunity  to experience traditional "student government" without attending a school.

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